Get To Know The Big Benefits Of A Library At Westminster Shores

When you call Westminster Shores’ St. Petersburg life plan community “home,” you have access to some of the world’s most beautiful bayfront vistas at your fingertips — from our perch on Tampa Bay, to the white-sand beaches that stretch in either direction just a brief drive from your doorstep. And nothing says “Sunshine State” quite like a dip in the pool or walk outside in the balmy weather! However, even with all that natural splendor, sometimes it’s nice to embrace your inner bookworm and hang out in the Westminster Shores library!

That’s right — we have a library and computer center right on site, so you never have to venture far from home to learn something new, get connected with loved ones, or simply get lost in a good book. Just read on as we share a few of our favorite perks of having a library in our community.

A Center Of Community

When you were growing up, the library might have been associated with hushed study sessions and a “no talking” rule. And, sure, being considerate of others is important in a library — but there’s no reason this place of learning can’t also be a center of community. Here at Westminster Shores, we love to see the way our residents connect over their shared love of a good book or special project. Humans have been bonding over literature for about as long as the written word has been around, and we’re proud to be part of that long-running tradition in our own small way!

Learn Something New

Lifelong learning is one of the key pillars of Westminster Shores’ My W Life wellness program, so it’s a pursuit we take very seriously here! The library and computer center is a great place to study for classes you’re taking through our partnership with Eckerd College and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Even if you’re not enrolled in a specific class, of course, you can still use the library to discover something new! A recent study featured in Scientific American found that older adults who took up new skills in an “encouraging learning environment” had improved cognitive scores that continued (and, in fact, improved!) even after the program ended — suggesting that there are many benefits to reap from the simple act of learning.

Reconnect With A Long-Lost Passion

In addition to learning something new, Westminster Shores’ library and computer also provides the perfect setting to reconnect with a passion from your school days, from science to history to great works of literature.

Accessible Fun

One of our favorite things about the Westminster Shores library and computer center is that it’s right on site! You chose this community for many reasons, but its comfort and convenience are especially attractive — so it’s important to us that our residents feel they can experience a rich, full life without ever having to venture too far from their very own front door. Because of its on-site location, the library and computer center can be one of many fun activities you experience throughout the day — fit perfectly between a leisurely walk and delicious resort-style meal with friends, for example.

Support During Transitional Times

Moving into a new community is exciting, but it’s also a time of transition. Fortunately, if you’re new to Westminster Shores, spending some time at our myriad amenities and community gathering spaces — such as the library — can help you get acquainted with your new surroundings in a meaningful way. That’s something to feel good about!

If you haven’t been to the Westminster Shores library and computer center, be sure to swing by! There’s always something new to learn about — and don’t worry, the gorgeous Sunshine State weather isn’t going anywhere.

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