How To Set Up A Fitness Routine While Independent Living In St. Petersburg, FL

Fitness is an important part of life for people of all ages — and it’s an especially powerful tool as we grow, and want to stay healthy and limber for years to come! At Westminster Shores’ independent living facility in St. Petersburg, FL, there are endless opportunities for being active — whether you prefer the comfort and reliability of a fitness center, or the adventure of a kayak or canoe session on the Gulf of Mexico. We also boast a heated outdoor swimming pool, dog park, and bocce and pickleball courts for whatever fitness fun you might have in mind!

But of course, that’s the thing: What do you have in mind? With so many options, you may be wondering how to best craft a fitness routine that works for you and your unique needs and preferences. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Just read for a handy guide on how to get started with an active regimen that brings serious mind-and-body benefits.

Consult With A Professional

A good first step in establishing any fitness routine is consulting with a professional to assess your next steps! There are many exercises that are accessible to wide groups of people (such as swimming), but it can still be helpful to go into a new workout with your doctor or expert’s guidance.

After all, physical fitness is one of the eight dimensions of our My W Life wellness program here at Westminster Shores — and our fitness classes encourage participants to achieve their maximum level of fitness while seeking medical assistance and insights whenever necessary!

What’s Your Personality?

Not sure where to start? Think back to when you were a little kid: What was your favorite way to spend recess, or free time at school? This can be a handy benchmark to help you find a fitness path that’s true to your unique preferences. For example, are you someone who always loved getting dirty at recess by exploring new corners of the playground — and maybe examining local wildlife like birds and butterflies in the process? It sounds like you might benefit from a nature-based fitness activity, like kayaking or birding.

Alternatively, if you’re someone who always enjoyed uniform playground games like jumping rope, you probably don’t mind a more methodical approach to fitness — like, say, working out in Westminster Shores’ fitness center.

Now, the point isn’t to pick one activity, per se — rather, this thought exercise should help you embark upon a new path and add fun fitness elements from there! In fact, mixing up your routine with different types of activities — like strength, cardio, or cross-training, for example — is a great way to prevent yourself from getting into a workout rut with a specific routine.

Back To Basics

With all that being said, fitness doesn’t have to be complicated. Tried-and-true exercises — whether they be leisurely laps around the pool, or a stroll about the community — are classics for a reason!

We hope that today’s guide gives you all the tools and confidence you need to get started on your new fitness routine. And of course, be sure to let us know if we can help with any questions you might have along the way. That’s what life at Westminster Shores is all about!

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