15 Fun Rainy Day Activities For Independent Living In St. Petersburg

Here’s something fun you might not have known about stunning St. Petersburg: Our city sports the nickname of “Sunshine City” due to the immense sunshine we’re privileged to enjoy all year long! To have that distinction in a state that’s already so famous for its golden rays means a lot, and we love finding fun ways to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather — from neighborhood strolls to bike rides, swimming sessions, and much more!

Of course, when you’re independent living in St. Petersburg, you might still experience your share of showers. But that’s OK! Fortunately, a little precipitation doesn’t have to get in the way of a fun-filled day here at Westminster Shores. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are 15 meaningful, rewarding activities you can enjoy on the next rainy day.

Enjoy The Show

In our book, of the best ways to spend a rainy day is to lean into it! After all, stormy weather can be quite beautiful to watch — so from a safe location like your apartment or villa, settle in with a cozy tea and admire nature at work. Our unparalleled views of Tampa Bay and the surrounding area make this easy to do!

Try The Recipe You’ve Been Meaning To Make

A rainy day is the perfect opportunity to cook a new meal or bake something delicious — especially if it’s something you have been meaning to try for a while.

Check Out The Library & Computer Center

Westminster Shores’ library and computer center provides a cozy environment to spend an enriching, educational rainy day.

Get Lost In A Good Book

If the rain already started and you’re settled in at home, you can just as easily have a literary afternoon on your couch! Now is the perfect time to head to your bookshelf and revisit an old favorite, or get immersed in a new one.

Have A Movie Marathon

Rainy days give us an opportunity to kick back and relax at home — so why not enjoy a themed movie marathon for one? Whether it’s familiar classics from the Golden Age of Hollywood, or romantic comedies you love to rewatch again and again, there’s no shortage of titles to choose from.

Host A Virtual Game Night

A rainy day is a great time to enjoy a solo game, like solitaire — but it can also be the perfect backdrop to a virtual game night, where you and your loved ones have fun playing online games from your respective locations across the country (or world).

Exercise At The Fitness Center

If the rainy weather put a wrench in your workout plan, fear not — Westminster Shores’ fitness center has everything you need to stay active even when the skies don’t cooperate.

Do Yoga

Another great fitness idea is to do yoga from the comfort of home! This restorative practice is all about achieving balance and mindfulness, and that can be done just about anywhere — even your living room.

Get Crafty

From poetry to painting, there’s no shortage of ways to embrace your creative side on a rainy afternoon.

Reach Out To A Loved One

Whether it’s a video chat or special just-because letter, the slow pace of a rainy day provides the ideal time to reach out to a friend or family member who you haven’t spoken to in a while.

Complete A Puzzle

Puzzles are a fun but time-consuming pastime — which means they’re great for a rainy day when you don’t have any specific plans to jet off to.

Declutter In A Fun Way

Organizing your closet may not sound like a fun rainy day activity — but put on some fun, nostalgic music and watch your closet finds come to life and remind you of meaningful memories!


If you’ve been meaning to rework your space, a rainy day can be a great time to explore new styles and read design magazines for inspiration.

Have A DIY Spa Session

Treat yourself to a relaxing pamper session, whether that means a cooling cucumber eye treatment or listening to your favorite relaxing spa music. The options are endless!

Plan Your Next Adventure

A rainy day can also be a great opportunity to look ahead and spend some time planning your next adventure — whether it’s a family reunion or local beach staycation.

If you’re a sun lover, you might not think rainy days are for you — but we hope today’s list helps you reconsider! As you can see, there are countless ways to spend a rainy day that will help you feel recharged and refreshed for when the sun comes out again.

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