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Challenging your mind is one of the eight dimensions in our exclusive My W Life well-being program. We encourage you to keep expanding your awareness of the world around you. We will challenge your mind with creative ideas and activities. Westminster Shores offers a wide range of great courses through innovative partnerships with Eckerd College and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. Sharpen your pencils to learn something new – here are just a few examples:

  • “History by Hollywood”: Most people form their sense of history based not from formal education or reading, but rather from the movies or TV shows they’ve watched. Just how often does Hollywood get it right? Using film clips, learn how to distinguish “Real” History from “Reel” History.
  • “Current Issues in Constitutional Law”: Consider issues that are currently confronting or have recently been confronted by the Supreme Court of the United States under the United States Constitution, with a distinguished professor of law at Eckerd College.
  • “The Transformation of Our St. Petersburg Community”: Discover the evolution of St. Petersburg’s marine-research complex and how partners in this endeavor brought the marine sciences to prominence, with the dean emeritus of the College of Marine Science at the University of South Florida.
  • “Radio Astronomy”: Explore the cosmos through radio and microwave wavelengths, and along the way, learn new things about familiar objects in the universe and discover new objects and phenomena we never knew existed, with a research scientist at an MIT-run observatory.

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