Fun Ways To Settle In At Your Life Plan Community In St. Petersburg, FL

If you’ve been eyeing a move to Westminster Shores’ life plan community in St. Petersburg, FL, we can’t wait to meet you! We serve our residents’ assisted and independent living needs every day — from our wellness program, My W Life, to fun fitness opportunities and a beautiful grounds to explore and immerse yourself in the Gulf Coast lifestyle.

There’s a lot to love about life at Westminster Shores. And as is the case any time you move somewhere new, you might be wondering about ways to transition into our eye-catching community and maximize your experience here! We’ve been there — and we’ve got you covered. Just read on as we share a few helpful ways to settle in and feel “at home” in no time.

Surround Yourself With Smiles

Now is a great time to break out the family photos and mementos from loved ones — sweet surroundings for your new digs! However, these don’t all have to be traditional, framed portraits. In today’s tech-loving age, you can turn classic photos into anything from cozy blankets and pillows, to coasters and keepsake mugs.

Get Involved With The Community

The best way to get to know your new community is to immerse yourself in it! Instead of observing from afar, considering joining local events, book clubs, volunteer activities, and other opportunities to connect with new friends. The great thing about calling Westminster Shores “home” is that you already have something major in common with your new neighbors: You’re all passionate about crafting an active, community-oriented lifestyle at the heart of Florida’s Gulf Coast paradise!

Enjoy A Wholesome Meal

There’s no better way to say “welcome” than a hearty meal — so why not stop by Westminster Shores’ restaurant-style dining venue from a delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner and accompanying bay views? This isn’t just a sweet way to feel at home in your new neighborhood — after all, “breaking bread” is a time-honored tradition for a reason — but it also serves a practical purpose, too. Why scramble to organize your kitchen utensils and pantry ingredients upon moving in when you could simply leave the cooking to us?

Of course, when you’re a bit more settled in, you might find it rewarding to host a housewarming get-together with loved ones — or new friends you meet here at Westminster Shores!

Ask Away

Moving to a brand-new place comes with lots of questions — and we’re happy to help with it all! This next stage is all about enriching your life with fun, fitness, and activities that make you feel most like “you,” so be sure to check in about maximizing your My W Life wellness program, how to get involved in local events, our recommendations for St. Petersburg attractions, and whatever else might come to mind.

Fill Your Calendar

Westminster Shores’ maintenance-free living means you never need to spend time on yard work or other weekend to-do tasks — so you’re free to fill your calendar with, well, fun! Allotting dedicating time blocks to feel-good activities like afternoon swims, fitness classes, community walks, and more can help you be more intentional and get your Westminster Shores experience started on a thrilling note.

By following these tips, your move can set the tone for a fun, rewarding experience every day at Westminster Shores! We hope that today’s guide helps you at every stage of the process — whether you’re perusing options for assisted living in St. Petersburg, or are already moved in and simply want some fun ways to mix up your routine.

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