5 Medication Management Tips for Older Adults

Many seniors take multiple medications and supplements throughout the day. It can be easy to mix up medications or lose track of what was taken. For this reason, managing medication is critical to avoid missed doses or double doses. 

Whether older adults are living alone or enjoying assisted living in Saint Petersburg, Florida, there are a few simple actions older adults can take to more effectively manage their medications. 

Here are five medication management tips for older adults.

1. Keep All Medications in One Location

If an older adult takes multiple medications, they should all be stored in one location for easy access. Medications stored throughout the home can become confusing and take unnecessary time to track down. 

Keeping medications in one location makes it simple to keep track of what was taken and pay attention to when certain medications are running low.

2. Store Medication Properly

Unfortunately, some medications can become less effective if not stored properly. For example, medications can start to break down if they are stored in a location that is too moist, too cold, or too warm. 

Make sure to read all the prescription labels, which should clearly spell out how the medication needs to be stored.

3. Presort Medications

Make a habit of pre-sorting medications at the beginning of the week or even the beginning of the month. This can make taking medications accurately and on time much simpler. There are even sorting tools that can help make sorting and storing easier. 

Pre-sorting also prevents confusion about which medications to take on which days and minimizes the chances of missed doses.

4. Double-Check Medication Instructions

Some medications have specific administration instructions, such as eating with food or avoiding taking at night. In addition, when seniors are on multiple medications, extra due diligence is required to ensure that the medications don’t negatively react with one another.

Make sure to double-check with the doctor about how different medications interact with each other and with supplements. In assisted living facilities, the resident pharmacist will also be able to help. 

5. Set Up a Tracking System

Just like many other things in life, it is sometimes easier to keep track of things when you write them down. Medication management is no different. Creating a tracking system that notes when medication should be taken and when it was taken can make a big difference in keeping a consistent schedule.

A tracking system can also be helpful to medical professionals if they need to investigate an underlying issue. The tracking system allows them to see if any doses were missed or taken at the wrong intervals.

Assisted Living in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Seniors from all walks of life can find incredible assisted living facilities in the Saint Petersburg area. Whether it’s independent living, skilled nursing assistance, or memory care in St. Petersburg, FL, the community caters to varying needs.

Seniors can enjoy retirement to its fullest and get the care they need for the long term.

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