Helpful Tips on Moving a Parent to a St. Petersburg Assisted Living Community

Moving a parent to an assisted living community is a very emotional time for everyone involved. Where you might be worried about how well they will settle in or their mental well-being once they move, they might be nervous about giving up their independence and comfort zone.

You may also be feeling guilty about this move, wondering if you’ve made the right decision and if they are truly happy with it. Until you see them settle into their new home, you will probably keep second-guessing every decision you’ve made about this move. However, with the quality of assisted living options available today, you can be rest assured that eventually they will find their way, make new friends and gain a sense of belonging within their new community.

Here are a few helpful tips on moving a parent to a St. Petersburg assisted living community:

  • Don’t rush packing up

Once you have chosen an assisted living community that satisfies the requirements for your parent’s physical and emotional wellbeing, you can help your parents with packing up their current home. Chances are they will want to take their time going through their belongings and may have a hard time giving some of these up. Don’t rush them and don’t expect this process to take a day. Give them the time they need to part with their cherished items and support them by reminiscing about old memories together.

  • Furnish and decorate their new home together

Allow your parents to have a say in how they want to decorate their new living space. To purchase furniture or other essential items they will need, ask the assisted living community to provide you a floor plan in advance so you can study the layout together and see how to fit their belongings and what new items they will require.

  • Get acquainted with the new assisted living community

While the downsizing process continues at your parent’s current home, encourage them to take time out to visit their new community and take part in events and meet some of the current residents. Getting to know the staff and becoming familiar with the area will be helpful for your parents and make them feel a little more confident once they move in.

  • Decide when and how much to visit

You know your parents best, so once they have moved into their new home, you must decide when to start visiting them and how frequently. If you feel your constant presence will hinder them from making new friends and getting familiar with the new territory, then take a step back and give them the space they need to settle in. However, you may also feel that your visits are helping them feel happier and stronger during this transition, and in that case, you should continue taking the time out for them as frequently as you can.

To learn more about assisted living facilities in St. Petersburg, Florida, contact us at Westminster Shores and see the various residences and services we offer for seniors looking to move. Book a tour with us and we are certain you won’t be disappointed with the care and comfort our community can provide for your loved one.

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