The Importance of Telehealth for Assisted Living Arrangements

One of the biggest barriers that seniors in St. Petersburg independent living facilities face is the need to go to the doctor for routine visits and to get care for things like minor infections. Telehealth has done much to bring these barriers down. This is because in many cases, a telehealth doctor can diagnose conditions over the internet or by phone, eliminating the need to arrange for a ride to a physical doctor’s office.

Retirement Communities Rely on Telehealth

Retirees often need to see doctors, not for new diagnoses, but to get prescription refills. Here, telehealth really shines. A telemedicine professional can renew prescriptions for residents of St. Petersburg retirement communities with no need for an office visit. The new prescription is then sent to the patient’s usual pharmacy. This can be a mail-order pharmacy, which totally eliminates the need to go out, or it can be a standard outlet that is conveniently close to the patient.

Why Do People in Assisted Living Arrangements Need Telehealth?

Unlike those in a skilled nursing facility, people who live in assisted living facilities in St. Petersburg, Florida take care of many of their own needs. The assistance can include reminders of when to take medicines, but in many cases, actually getting prescriptions and medications is still up to the patient. This makes the telehealth option very valuable to these residents.

Residents of other St. Petersburg retirement communities, such as memory care or rehabilitation, also benefit from telemedicine services. For them, telemedicine allows for faster diagnosis and treatment of conditions since they don’t have to wait for a facility doctor to handle everything. Needed prescriptions can also be renewed more efficiently. Because of this, assisted living facilities in St. Petersburg often have arrangements with one or more telemedicine providers already in place.

Don’t Waste Hours Being Shuttled to Doctors

When residents leave their St. Petersburg, Florida assisted living apartments, it should be for fun things like shopping. Telemedicine eliminates the need for many rides to the doctor’s office, so residents can take the shuttle bus to exciting places instead and pursue their favorite hobbies.

If you’re looking for a community that makes life easier for you so that you can remain independent longer, check out our assisted living arrangements at Westminster Shores. Along with telemedicine, you’ll enjoy restaurant-style dining, a fitness center, two pools, a library and computer center, and much more.

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