4 Reasons to Choose Independent Living St. Petersburg Florida Sooner

There is a misconception that senior living communities are only for long-term care. For this reason, many older adults fail to consider moving to assisted or independent living facilities until they require more care from others. However, the downside to this attitude can mean missing out on a plethora of benefits that independent living has to offer!

Independent living services and amenities are designed to make things more convenient for residents, even though they may not need extra healthcare or living assistance. Amenities often include a fitness center, fine dining venues, and pools to facilitate a higher quality of life and a healthier lifestyle. So, why move to a senior community when you are still healthy and active? Read on for some common reasons to make the transition!

Low Maintenance Living

Say goodbye to household chores, cooking, and other menial tasks! In independent living facilities, staff will take care of everything for you so you can spend your time on your favorite hobbies and activities while also exploring new interests. Moving in sooner means not having to wait as long to indulge in this maintenance free lifestyle.

Stay Active

Even for active seniors, their current regimen will still be dwarfed by all the opportunities of an independent living facility. Residents of Westminster Shores often realize how little they were doing before simply because they had a much more limited access to healthy living. With a wide array of amenities that include a fitness center, tennis court, and our exclusive My W Life well-being program, you can stay as busy as you’d like.

Social Connections

Social isolation can have devastating effects on physical and mental health, and some people may especially be feeling that after the past year. Fortunately, social opportunities are built into our everyday life at Westminster Shores! We make it easy to indulge in fine dining or scenic walks along the seawall path with friends. No matter what you like doing, you can do it with friends here, or make new ones trying something else!

Accessible Care

It is impossible to tell when health may take a turn for the worse. Even for older active adults still enjoying a high degree of health, it is important to have convenient and quick access to the proper healthcare. After moving into an independent living facility, you will enjoy priority access to quality care right in your community if your needs ever take a turn for the worse. It is better to make the move early so that you don’t risk missing out on quality care in the moments when it becomes necessary.

To truly understand what independent living could offer you, contact Westminster Shores today! Here, the waterfront of Tampa Bay’s Little Bayou is your limitless horizon. Residents stay active with kayaking, walking, and biking through our gorgeous surroundings. Plus, we also offer our own My W Life well-being program and lifelong learning programs to keep residents fit mentally and physically. Let us make you smile with a host of delightful amenities and services by giving us a call today.

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