4 Simple Heart-Healthy Habits to Add to Your Routine

During the later years of life, seniors become more susceptible to chronic health issues, and heart conditions are no exception. Seniors are more prone to experience heart disease, heart attacks, heart failure, and more. Taking care of your general health is important, but it’s a good idea to pay particular attention to your heart health.

Here are four simple heart-healthy habits to add to your routine.

1. Exercise Regularly

Exercise is important for overall wellness at any stage in life, and it is especially important for seniors. Seniors who do not exercise regularly are at a significantly higher risk of developing serious ailments, including heart-related diseases. 

Keep heart disease at bay by exercising — it improves blood flow and makes your heart stronger. Whether you go on walks near your home or take advantage of the gym or pool at assisted living facilities in Saint Petersburg, FL, make your daily exercise routine a priority.

2. Eat Heart-Healthy Foods

Eating nutritious food is the best way to keep your body and mind in good health for as long as possible. Consider adding heart-healthy foods to your diet, including:

  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Berries
  • Walnuts
  • Avocados
  • Beans

These are just a few examples of heart-healthy foods, and many of them can easily fit into your existing daily diet. You can also switch out your regular snacks for more nutritious, heart-healthy snacks. Before making any drastic changes to your diet, always consult with your doctor.  

3. Get Regular Sleep

Getting consistent, quality sleep is important to your health, particularly your heart health. Poor sleep has been linked to a greater risk of high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol and an increased chance of developing heart disease. 

One theory behind the association between poor sleep and heart disease is the fact that your blood pressure goes down at night. When you are awake for more hours or getting poor quality sleep, your blood pressure stays higher for longer. Sustained high blood pressure is a leading risk factor for developing heart disease. 

If you are having trouble sleeping, don’t ignore it. Consider changing your schedule, altering your eating habits, or consulting a professional.

4. Take Advantage of Heart-Healthy Activities at Assisted Living Facilities in Saint Petersburg, FL

With onsite walking paths, pools, gyms, and healthy dining options, maintaining your heart health in assisted living is easier than ever. Whether you are living an active lifestyle or are in need of nursing facilities in St. Petersburg, FL, you can find what you need and focus on your heart health. 

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